very fine silver filly head shot
Micatos Platinum
Born May 18th this beautiful little American miniature should have a fantastic show career in the right hands  and with the breeding behind her would be an asset to any stud, a descendant of grand champion GROSSHILL EKS GRAND ILLUSION  and by Edwardo she has generations of  elegance behind her.
side shot

bay filly picture Micatos Samba
The ultimate thoroughbred type miniature, this little filly has the shape, the moves and the attitude to be the ultimate show horse.
Bred from a palomino falabella mare and American miniature stallion.
  full picture

elegant filly foal
 Micatos Morning Star

Fantastic 100% American miniature filly foal from Showcase Contessa by Misthaven Top Gun born early on Easter Sunday morning.
right hand side

tiny colt foal
Micatos Buckeddy

Tiny 100% American miniature silver/ buckskin colt foal from Winners Circle BZ Ballerina by Edwardo of Kilverstone.
tiny silver colt foal

head on filly Micatos Tomasina

100% Falabella filly from Florentina at Micatos by Toyland Tomasino
silver grey filly

stunning colt foal Micatos Tito
Titos dam, Micatos Mantra is IMHPS register 1 Falabella, his sire is Misthaven Top Gun AMHA reg American Miniature, Tito is a very elegant, leggy colt, a perfect "blend" for showing and /or breeding.

well balanced, bald faced filly foal Micatos Rumba
Toyland USA  imported parents,  this stunningly marked, blue eyed, bald face overo filly is 100% falabella and will be FMHA registered.

Apaloosa american miniature Micatos Theodore
Out of a fantastic American miniature mare and by Toyland Tomasino this spectacular little fellow is 100% American miniature with 50% Falabella breeding, will be registered AMHA and will spot out more as he grows older.


micatos polo Micatos Polo
Polo is a 100% Falabella  filly, refined and elegant, light chestnut with an apaloosa blanket will possibly spot out more as sired by Toyland Tomasino. A definate asset to any Falabella breeding program.

recent picture
Recent picture
Indiana has everything going for him, elegance refinement, attitude. he should show well, he is not just brown he is a deep bronze colour on pure white sired by Edwardo of Kilverstone his dam is 100% Falabella mare sired by A.F. Perezoso. He is full brother to Micatos Percy (see stallion page) should stay small, ultra refined fantastic show and breeding future.
D.O.B 2nd June 2006
Indiana is 28" as of November.
spectacular skewbald colt
Foal picture

up to date photo of flora
Recent picture
Born 28th Feb 2006, 100% Falabella filly, Very tiny and refined under her woolly Coat, Finest Falabella breeding, Sire Toyland Tomasino,would show well, measuring only 26.5" at 8months old Falabella's as small as this are hard to find and seldom come up for sale. tiny filly foal
Foal picture

Born 26th May 2006 Black filly sired by Edwardo of Kilverstone this petite American miniature has thrown more to her dams famous Egyptian King bloodlines, small and very much an American type show horse, great proportions and very pretty small pretty black filly


Micatos Son of a Gun, reg IMHPS 50% american miniature Falabella blend two years old, showy dark bay refined, leggy colt. sired by Misthaven Top Gun. dam Micatos spotty uno, same dam as Micatos Cola, would make good herd sire, carrying lots of great genes from our superb stallions

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